At some point in Becky’s way past, she was interviewed in the St. Joseph News-Press, her hometown’s paper, for a story on abstinence. I guess she had signed a “True Love Waits“-type pact, and she even got a purity ring &c., so they did a story on her and a number of other freshly avowedly chaste youngsters. So then yesterday or so, Becky got an e-mail. A News-Press reporter somehow tracked her down, and she, it turns out, is doing a follow-up on the original article, y’know, seven years later, Where Are They Now, Behind the Music, &c. This woman, Lisa, called Becky yesterday to schedule a phone interview with both of us for this evening, asking why anyone in his or her right mind wouldn’t just, y’know, shag.

Woooh. Okay, let that sink in. Can you imagine how embarrassing this could have been? I was wiping my brow on the way home tonight before the interview, muttering to the Lord (and recalling a few close calls): “Man, I am sure glad we waited ’til marriage, I would have been mortified.” As I cruised north, I was just imagining how the phone call could have gone:

Lisa: “So Mr. Miller, your wife was outspoken in that article about saving sex for marriage, that’s so tremendous, so brave, so counter-cultural, so honorable. How did that go?”

Me: “Ummm, great! My aunt babysat our kid during the wedding, so that was cool, and the honeymoon suite was, like, a huge improvement over my Taurus.”

Lisa: “Wow, that’s sad. What do you have to say to all the kiddies reading this page, looking up to you and wondering if they, too, can live pure?”

Me: “Tough luck, kids. Reality says, it’s hara-kiri or the hot mambo, no alternatives. And learn to drive a Winnebago. Way more roomy, I hear.”

Yeah. Well, mercifully I have a good report to bring: WE MADE IT! I suppose the present progressive is more correct there. Regardless, it was just a wicked cool thing to be able to speak openly (I used the term “vaginal intercourse,” and I swear I heard Becky talking about the psychological elements of an orgasm, woman has no shame, seriously) about something that’s very near and dear to our hearts. I personally got to rail a bit about the Christian anti-sex culture and how legalistic and silly it can get, I mean, the whole “So does this mean I can touch her breasts and still go to heaven?” question kinda misses the boat. At least, that’s what _ I _ always meant by “How far is too far?”

Becky, in typical Becky fashion, had prepared a full page of notes, and she held forth flawlessly with an articulate discussion of how purity (and a bit of perilous impurity) affected our / can affect one’s courtship, engagement, and marriage. I, in typical I fashion, spoke extemporaneously about how legalism affected my approach to relationships (i.e. how much could I get away with), how even our not-quite-RBI pre-marriage physical relationship has left us with mountains of crap, and how one can’t passively pursue purity given how incredibly hard it is to stay pure. Oh, and how thankful we are for our strategically annoying friends. I mean, volunteer accountability. “Say, Matthew, knew you guys were going to be over at Becky’s apartment together, alone, ‘unpacking’, thought I’d drop by.”

Becky also described how, at the conclusion of our wedding ceremony, just after the kiss, I spontaneously grabbed her, held her close to me, and whispered in her ear, “We made it!” Tonight, as we attempted to share a clear vision for pure relationships, I was reminded of yet another reason why I’m glad we waited.