Yo, I gotta brag on Becky a little bit here. That (petite) woman pushed out an 8 1/2 lb. baby (Joanna likened this to “crapping out a couch”) the natural way…no drugs, no “interventions,” just her and the baby. I am impressed by her selflessness.

I am also impressed at the depth of her faith. Pain and suffering reveal a person’s true character, and I saw Becky in more pain than I’ve ever seen before…yet her response was not, “Get away from me, you stupid man,” or “I’ll never have sex again” or “Drug me up; I can’t take it!” (i.e. the Hollywood version of childbirth), but “Jesus, help me!” She began by whispering that prayer, earlier in labor, then saying it firmly after her water broke, then yelling it through tears and clenched teeth as Katherine moved her large self through the birth canal. And Jesus answered…He sustained her. It was surreal and awe-inspiring to watch my wife experience something deeply spiritual from a foot away…and yet be totally unable to participate. God bonds with men differently, I suppose.

I wonder what the nurse and midwife thought of all this. Midwifery is an interesting profession; one Christian midwife said that, anecdotally, some 90% of the midwives she’s met are deeply into Eastern thought and practice when it comes to faith. I certainly saw plenty of that; the midwife who leads our “centering” group (with a number of other similarily expecting couples) at Becky’s ob-gyn practice had us all close our eyes after one session and “draw down the earth’s power.” Ummm. I’m trying to imagine Becky screaming, “Oh, third sun-orbiting rock-blob and life force, help me!” without laughing. The midwife said after the birth that Becky is a “strong woman.” True…but I’m proud to say that Becky correctly footnoted the source of that strength…repeatedly…throughout the birth process.

So yeah. I saw in Becky’s experience the value of suffering. Why be painphobic? Why spend so much time and money trying to avoid change or difficulty or famine or stress? I don’t know. I can’t wait ’til Becky has recovered a bit more so she can teach me some of the things she just learned about enduring trials and the testing of her faith.

To sum up, I am in absolute awe of my strong-willed, deep-faithed, baby-bearing, trial-enduring wife. You can’t see me right now, but I’m standing, calling her blessed, and praising her: “Many women do noble things, but you, Becky, surpass them all.”