This past Friday evening, my dear friend Daniel Sorensen invited me to join him, his parents, and our mutual friend Dr. Tom Hines in Boston for the Handel and Haydn Society’s performance of Handel’s Messiah. Oh, friend. It was amazing. Countertenor Daniel Taylor was the highlight, in my opinion, of an amazing performance. Holy crap.

Afterward, we five attendees went down front, set the camera on the stage and, using our event programs, gave the Messiah our best shot. Behold:

(L-R)Dan Sorensen, Lois Sorensen, Rich Sorensen, Tom Hines, Matthew Miller

(l-r)Dan Sorensen, Lois Sorensen, Rich Sorensen, Tom Hines, Matthew Miller

It was hecka fun. Tom, a mentor to both Daniel and myself, was already up in Boston for some swanky pediatricians conference (he’s Katherine’s pediatrician), so he let Dan and I crash in his hotel room Friday night. Saturday, we three roamed Boston, milling about the Harvard campus and eating breakfast and so on. It was cool to see Tom just being himself, having fun, trying to get the Harvard bookstore people to sell him a Harvard shirt without the word “Harvard” on it (all he wanted was a shirt with the Harvard shield). We got deep a bit, too, but mostly we just had a great time.

Ahhh, praise God for great friends. Ahhh, praise God for my finally finding some mentors. And do keep praying that Becky can develop deeper relationships with her mentors and friends. Hurrah.