My college, like many, had a student government. Every year, the school held elections, and it was somehow a big deal on our campus to get elected to posts like “Student Vice President.” The whole process was heavily regulated, and there was a specific day and time on which (and not one minute before) the candidates could post their signs and posters around the campus.

One year, I walked into the cafeteria to the realization that today must be The Day. Posters and signs of all shapes, sizes, and colors adorned every door and wall. Some signs were impressive…professionally printed and probably quite costly. Some were obviously designed on the fly and scribbled on the bed. Some were put together by people entirely unaware that even 25 pt. font is unreadable from any reasonable distance.

That particular year, however, one sign stood out. It had what every great campaign poster needs: a name and a slogan. For example…Jimmy Carter: A Leader, For a Change. Herbert Hoover: A chicken in every pot and a car in every garage. (I’m not making these up) Dwight Eisenhower: I Like Ike. But this particular sign, a large sign with hand lettering of the sort only a fat-felt Sharpie can provide, stood out to me. It read, simply: Oni Groves: Catch the Vison!

That plus a double-take earned Ms. Groves a spirited discussion, at our table at least, on just what a vison might be. I postulated that they may be an extinct relative of the buffalo, once known for roaming the Great Plains in massive herds. Maybe they were a part of the Oklahoma landscape before oil drillers and televangelists staked their claim.

Suffice it to say, this challenge stuck with me. I remember it often…and I feel the urge to query you, my friends, in the same manner: have you caught the vison?