“You’re awesome!” I said to Becky one day. And then, for no particular reason, I followed that up with, “You get a gold star!”

Maybe I was just being random. Maybe I was channeling Strong Bad. Maybe I was reliving Junior Choir at Darlington Congregtional Church; prompt attendance to choir practice earned the punctual songster a gold star on his / her choral folder. A record of perfect promptness earned the diligent youth a prize of some sort at the end of the year. I don’t recall ever getting that prize…

Anywho, I didn’t have a gold star to give Becky at that moment, which was really unfortunate…because when I said, “You get a gold star!”, her face lit up like mine would if you bought me a Corvette, and she said, “Really?”

My wife is so sweet and innocent and awesome.

So I sheepishly admitted that I had no gold stars, and I resolved to get some. We’ve now got a couple of pads of those shiny, five-pointed teachers’ helpers. When one of us does something awesome, I mean really awesome, the other one can say, “You get a gold star!” We have a two-column piece of paper on the fridge…one column titled “M,” the other “B.” This is where the gold stars go, and next to each one is a brief description of what merited the award.

Well, the B column got another gold star recently. I love the Bourne movies, and the third one just came out, and I wanted to throw a big Bourne marathon, watch the first two back to back, drink and eat tasty things, and head directly to the theater to watch the third movie.

I had been struggling with getting the logistics together on this one…so Becky tracked down a projector and planned the whole thing. She even planned out food-and-drink pairings to roll out throughout the movies…so that we’d be eating and drinking something culturally appropriate to each portion of the movie. It was awesome!

Here’s the menu: