…that we’re expecting another child? Because we are.

And we’re very excited. And I’m really sorry if I didn’t tell you before now, or if you had to hear it from someone else. If I didn’t call to tell you personally, it’s not because I don’t love you at that level. Nope, I’ve just been too busy. And I was held up by some Persian prince for at LEAST twenty-one days. I hate it when that happens…

Besides, it’s not like this hasn’t happened to us before, so the novelty factor isn’t there…and with the economy on the slump, my cigar budget has been slashed. You’ll have to content yourself with a few organized pixels.

By the seventh one, anyway, we’ll be aggregating the announcements into our Christmas cards: “2013 was a great year for the Miller’s. Two kids were born, and another was adopted, and we’re expecting number seven.”

If we really live up to our homeschooling pedigree, it might even be worth simplifying things by creating a simple, informative website called www.IsBeckyPregnantAgain.com. It’s in beta…

Until then, a blog post will have to do.


P.S. Oh, and as a postscript, I have already informed Katherine that Miller Child 2.0 is on the way, that we’re really excited about the upgraded featureset in the upcoming release, and that we’re planning on raising them in a home rooted and grounded in capitalism. To wit: there is a limited pool of resources, and they will be expected to compete for market share through strategic positioning and aggressive price points. We also plan to grow by acquisition.