Since my readership on Xanga (and even on Facebook) is primarily a subset of Becky’s readership, it’s really hard to find any competitive advantage. I mean, why would you read my posts / notes when you can read hers? Her posts will be better written and full of extra vigor and vitality and cats.

Even throughout this live-blogging birth process, my only leg-up in terms of driving traffic to /mmmattress vs. /miller_schloss was that I had a free hand with which to shoot and upload camera-phone pictures. With Hannah and Gwyn’s help, though, and with Becky’s access to her BlackBerry today, all that has been turned on its head. What to do?

I know. I hold just one weapon in my arsenal that she does NOT have: a laptop with a USB port. And our camera. Behold:

Joshua David Miller
He’s a big boy.

My family; Katherine touches Joshua on the head
Katherine touches Joshua for the first time. Yesterday, just after Becky’s water broke, I mentioned to Katherine that baby Joshua was going to come out of Mommy’s belly very soon, and I asked her how she felt about this. She said, “Baby Dosh will ride in his little car seat in the red car next to me.” Not a bad sentence for a two-year-old. She followed this up with the following unsolicited sibling interaction life lesson: “We don’t throw toys at Baby Dosh.”

Wish someone had taught ME that. Joanna’s childhood would’ve been a lot less fraught with aerial assault danger.

Speaking of Joanna…

Joanna holds the little cutie...
Auntie Joanna shows off her newest nephew. Ok, her only nephew. Unless Daniel’s been fraternizing more than we’re aware…

Everyone all together
And here they are, in all of their cuteness. Katherine, Becky, Joshua, and “Bockababy.”