Katherine with a phone

Hi, all! This is my first attempt to post to Xanga directly from my BlackBerry…the idea here is to leverage my constant-connectedness to achieve higher posting rates. We’ll see how THAT goes…last time I committed to more frequent posting, I landed a new job and disappeared into the workload abyss for several months.

Meanwhile, I have thus far kept up my 2009 resolution to post something, anything every Friday morning to my music site at http://www.matthewmarkmiller.com/music/. Also, in case you lack Facebook skills and/or a general sense of online decency, check out my wife’s latest post at http://www.xanga.com/miller_schloss. You’ll learn such valuable skills as “Don’t Myspace Your Facebook” and “You Will Know She Is Becky by her Cats.”

I leave you with pictorial evidence that we’re corrupting our children. My daughter saw a friend’s MP3 player sitting on the endtable and, placing it to her ear, said, “Hello?” She proceeded to sit there, holding it to her ear, for several minutes.

Clearly, she understands that, if it is small and electronic, it is meant to be held to one’s ear for extended periods of time.