I have an on-site meeting with a customer tomorrow. I realized a week or so ago that I would need a new dress shirt with an updated corporate logo. To that end, I contacted one of our Marketing folks (we will call her “Marketing Person”) and asked if she could send me a shirt prior to the meeting.

Turns out, the woman I e-mailed didn’t have one, so she e-mailed another woman (we will call her “Other Marketing Person”) and asked her to take care of it. Other Marketing Person did. She Fedexed a shirt to me promptly, and she e-mailed Marketing Person to let her know I was all set.

Marketing Person forwarded that response to me. Other Marketing Person’s e-mail went as follows, verbatim:

HEllo Marketing Person,

I have sent out his shit today via FedEx, so he should receive it by tomorrow. Please confirm once the shirt arrives.


Other Marketing Person

I laughed ’til I cried…and I was so, so tempted to send an e-mail of my own:

DEar Other Marketing Person,

Thanks so much for taking care of that crap.