Yes, that is a reference to the song by MM.

A coworker whose opinion I respect revealed today that, while he sells Windows-based software for a living, he is an avid Mac user and runs nothing but at his house (with the exception of his work laptop). This got me thinking…maybe I should switch. If everything just works, as they say, and if I can just drag it to the Genius Bar for free when it doesn’t, shouldn’t I jump ship?

I just paid a small pile of $$$ for a killer HP laptop when I could have paid nearly $2k for an equivalent Mac. Yet I envy their “it just works” mantra, and I believe it. I mean, when you control the hardware and the software, well, that’s huge.

Anyway, I know a number of people whose opinion I greatly respect who have switched…they’ve got MacBook Pros and they run Windows using Parallels or similar. Ugggh. So much change, literally and figuratively.

Should we take the plunge?