It’s been a heck of a week-and-a-half here. Let’s recap:

– Becky had a cyst the size of a small potato (we’ll call this a boil).
– Removing the tuber-sized growth required an incision and two days hospitalization.
– Then K got a cold.
– Then J got a cold.
– Then I got the flu (we’ll call this the pestilence)
– Then Becky got the flu.
– In her recent post, Becky described this as “the low point.”
– She was wrong.
– Becky spent last night — we’ll call this the darkness — curled up on the floor of the bathroom. That is, when she wasn’t actively puking.
– Our cats were annoying throughout — gnats, locusts, or flies, take your pick.
– Today, Amy took my first-born (ok, fine, she took Katherine so Becky could get some rest).

This leads me to three natural conclusions:

1) We are reliving The Ten Commandments.
2) Frogs are probably next.
3) Amy is the Angel of Death.