I had a list of expenses in a Google Docs spreadsheet, and those amounts were in mixed currencies: some euros (EUR), and some dollars (USD). I wanted to sum the values to see a total cost in dollars, but of course the currency exchange rates fluctuate, so my numbers will vary day to day.

Enter ECBExchangeRates. From Google Docs, click Insert, Script:

This will bring up the Script Gallery. Search for “ECB” and you’ll be able to easily install the function.

Once that’s installed, pull in the latest conversion value with the following formula:

=ECBExchangeRate(TEXT(TODAY(),”dd.mm.yyyy”), “USD”)

This pulls in the EUR => USD conversion rate. You can then use this in your calculations.

Using this technique, you can use up-to-date Euro (EUR) currency conversion in your Google Docs spreadsheets.