You don’t have to take my word for it:

“Matthew is a very independent, confident, decisive, self-starter, intense and driving. He has a strong sense of urgency, can react and adjust quickly to changing conditions, generate novel ideas, and deal with them swiftly.

His drive is directed at getting the things done which he believes need to be done. Competitive, ambitious and venturesome, he responds positively and actively to challenge and pressure, always sure of his ability to handle problems and people. Matthew is an outgoing and poised person, a forceful, animated, communicator tending to be more authoritative than persuasive in his style. He talks briskly, with assurance and conviction and is a stimulating influence on others, while being direct, determined and flexible in dealing with them.

He is sure of the value of his own judgments and opinions, and persistent in defending them if put under pressure to change them. He will question and challenge established company policies or systems and strive to prove in action the value of his own ideas for change.

More concerned with the achievement of goals than he is with the details of how things get done, Matthew will freely delegate to others with loose follow-up, but with demand and pressure for timely results. Ingenious and venturesome, he will become restless and dissatisfied if required to work under close control or to do work which is routine or highly structured. Very much a generalist, Matthew is more concerned with the strategies involved in reaching his goals than with specific or detailed tactics.”