I am holding my four-month-old son, Joshua, and watching Obama on Leno. My son can stand up straight…so long as I hold his hands. He stands upright, his legs akimbo, and he gives me this huge grin like he’s done something absolutely fantastic.… [read more]

Katherine with a phone

Hi, all! This is my first attempt to post to Xanga directly from my BlackBerry…the idea here is to leverage my constant-connectedness to achieve higher posting rates. We’ll see how THAT goes…last time I committed to more frequent posting, I landed a new job and disappeared into the workload abyss for several months.… [read more]

Since my readership on Xanga (and even on Facebook) is primarily a subset of Becky’s readership, it’s really hard to find any competitive advantage. I mean, why would you read my posts / notes when you can read hers? Her posts will be better written and full of extra vigor and vitality and cats.… [read more]

Yo, I gotta brag on Becky a little bit here. That (petite) woman pushed out an 8 1/2 lb. baby (Joanna likened this to “crapping out a couch”) the natural way…no drugs, no “interventions,” just her and the baby. I am impressed by her selflessness.… [read more]

So we’re in the hospital room, and there’s no wired OR wireless internet access anywhere around. Baby is sleeping, and wife is sorta half-sleeping, half-awake. And I know everyone wants to see a picture of our baby. What to do?

Well, proud to say, I’m now dialed into a free ISP using a data cable and a cell phone, which enables me to be the first to post (albeit slowly) the first picture of Katherine Anne Miller: