Tonight, I was sitting at my desk, as usual, with three monitors glowing away and the weight of the world upon my shoulders. Becky was reading in the other room, Amy was watching lame British videos on YouTube, and Katherine was playing at the dining room table and drawing on herself with a marker.… [read more]

Yo, I gotta brag on Becky a little bit here. That (petite) woman pushed out an 8 1/2 lb. baby (Joanna likened this to “crapping out a couch”) the natural way…no drugs, no “interventions,” just her and the baby. I am impressed by her selflessness.… [read more]

We Made It!

At some point in Becky’s way past, she was interviewed in the St. Joseph News-Press, her hometown’s paper, for a story on abstinence. I guess she had signed a “True Love Waits“-type pact, and she even got a purity ring &c., so they did a story on her and a number of other freshly avowedly chaste youngsters.… [read more]