So good to know that the Senator and I share a character flaw…

I have a good friend. She lives north of here. She speaks frankly. She drives my a Golf.

One time, not that long ago, she came to visit us. She does this. We all went to a liquor store to pick out something to go with dinner.… [read more]


I was ever so recently using the lou at the Starbucks here in Cranston, RI. While I was thus engaged, someone knocked on the door. When I didn’t answer, he / she knocked again.

Wanting to do the considerate thing and alert this person as to the occupado nature of this restroom, I blurted out, “Ein minuten, bitte!”

When I emerged, the knocker was gone.… [read more]

My college, like many, had a student government. Every year, the school held elections, and it was somehow a big deal on our campus to get elected to posts like “Student Vice President.” The whole process was heavily regulated, and there was a specific day and time on which (and not one minute before) the candidates could post their signs and posters around the campus.… [read more]

The morning routine is the most important routine of the day. Our morning routine usually goes a little something like this: we multi-snooze, Becky gets up, turns on the espresso machine, feeds Muffin, and makes me an Americano. She brings me the Americano, turns on the shower, bangs on the wall between bathroom and bedroom, and gets into the shower.… [read more]

We Made It!

At some point in Becky’s way past, she was interviewed in the St. Joseph News-Press, her hometown’s paper, for a story on abstinence. I guess she had signed a “True Love Waits“-type pact, and she even got a purity ring &c., so they did a story on her and a number of other freshly avowedly chaste youngsters.… [read more]

Something A Bit Less Weighty

I am thankful for the work of the two bright young scientists at this institution. Why, reading about their efforts was like having a burden lifted from me. And so on…

[Ed. note: one of the young men pictured on that site is the writer of the popular web comic XKCD.]

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