Huitzilopochtli and Aphrodite. Some of the greatest art has come from love and conflict. The combustible combination of passionate personalities in our marriage has led to loads of both. I thought I’d share with you a sampling of the art that our relationship has brought about, both the happy stuff and the tough stuff.… [read more]


Thanks Aunt Candy for the link to this fascinating article. Turns out, studies show it takes at least ten thousand hours to truly master any skill. This got me thinking (with mirth, of course) about the various things to which, at twenty-eight years of age, I can truly claim mastery as defined by Malcom Gladwell.… [read more]

Why is this so hard? If you are older / wiser than me, which is likely, hear me now: why do I have to beg, cajole, plead, and coerce just to get you to sit down and share with me a smidgin of the wisdom that the Good Lord, the School of Hard Knocks, the IRS, and so on have taught you?… [read more]

I am holding my four-month-old son, Joshua, and watching Obama on Leno. My son can stand up straight…so long as I hold his hands. He stands upright, his legs akimbo, and he gives me this huge grin like he’s done something absolutely fantastic.… [read more]

Tonight, I was sitting at my desk, as usual, with three monitors glowing away and the weight of the world upon my shoulders. Becky was reading in the other room, Amy was watching lame British videos on YouTube, and Katherine was playing at the dining room table and drawing on herself with a marker.… [read more]

…that we’re expecting another child? Because we are.

And we’re very excited. And I’m really sorry if I didn’t tell you before now, or if you had to hear it from someone else. If I didn’t call to tell you personally, it’s not because I don’t love you at that level.… [read more]

Tracking down underutilized crap and bumming it off of its resources-inefficient owners, on the cheap (or free), is a big part of my life.

This may explain why I deeply resent people who refuse to entertain offers for stuff they’re clearly not using and are clearly never going to use.… [read more]

I once saw a cartoon that showed a prototypical family gathered around the table for dinner. Dad is sitting at one end of the table, Mom at the other, and the kids along the sides. Dad is saying with a somber expression, “Well, due to unexpected market pressures, we’re going to have to let one of you go.”

You’ve probably heard of someone who got offered the “opportunity” to “reapply” for his own position.… [read more]

This past Friday evening, my dear friend Daniel Sorensen invited me to join him, his parents, and our mutual friend Dr. Tom Hines in Boston for the Handel and Haydn Society’s performance of Handel’s Messiah. Oh, friend. It was amazing.… [read more]

We Made It!

At some point in Becky’s way past, she was interviewed in the St. Joseph News-Press, her hometown’s paper, for a story on abstinence. I guess she had signed a “True Love Waits“-type pact, and she even got a purity ring &c., so they did a story on her and a number of other freshly avowedly chaste youngsters.… [read more]