I had a list of expenses in a Google Docs spreadsheet, and those amounts were in mixed currencies: some euros (EUR), and some dollars (USD). I wanted to sum the values to see a total cost in dollars, but of course the currency exchange rates fluctuate, so my numbers will vary day to day.… [read more]

Yes, that is a reference to the song by MM.

A coworker whose opinion I respect revealed today that, while he sells Windows-based software for a living, he is an avid Mac user and runs nothing but at his house (with the exception of his work laptop).… [read more]

[Ed. note: this was originally published on Xanga, a mostly defunct blogging platform]

The world of technological change comes at you fast, and this is especially evident in the arena of web journalling or blogging. From AOL to homespun HTML (animated GIFs!) to GeoCities to Xanga to MySpace to Facebook to Twitter…and beyond!… [read more]

Katherine with a phone

Hi, all! This is my first attempt to post to Xanga directly from my BlackBerry…the idea here is to leverage my constant-connectedness to achieve higher posting rates. We’ll see how THAT goes…last time I committed to more frequent posting, I landed a new job and disappeared into the workload abyss for several months.… [read more]