So good to know that the Senator and I share a character flaw…

My wife writes and edits good. She understands how to use words and punctuation irregardless of it’s tense and meaning. In a former job, she was known as the Grammar [redacted].

Tonight, I stumped her. Here is the situation: we were invited to attend a celebration in early December.… [read more]

Awesome and inspiring entrepreneurial leadership quote of the day, in reference to Bill Gates:

“The classic CEO needs to be right, or rather needs to appear to be right more than he needs to actually be right – and that’s not Bill,” says Nathan Myhrvold [former head of Microsoft’s R&D labs].… [read more]

…that we’re expecting another child? Because we are.

And we’re very excited. And I’m really sorry if I didn’t tell you before now, or if you had to hear it from someone else. If I didn’t call to tell you personally, it’s not because I don’t love you at that level.… [read more]

I have a good friend. She lives north of here. She speaks frankly. She drives my a Golf.

One time, not that long ago, she came to visit us. She does this. We all went to a liquor store to pick out something to go with dinner.… [read more]


I was ever so recently using the lou at the Starbucks here in Cranston, RI. While I was thus engaged, someone knocked on the door. When I didn’t answer, he / she knocked again.

Wanting to do the considerate thing and alert this person as to the occupado nature of this restroom, I blurted out, “Ein minuten, bitte!”

When I emerged, the knocker was gone.… [read more]

Tracking down underutilized crap and bumming it off of its resources-inefficient owners, on the cheap (or free), is a big part of my life.

This may explain why I deeply resent people who refuse to entertain offers for stuff they’re clearly not using and are clearly never going to use.… [read more]

“You’re awesome!” I said to Becky one day. And then, for no particular reason, I followed that up with, “You get a gold star!”

Maybe I was just being random. Maybe I was channeling Strong Bad. Maybe I was reliving Junior Choir at Darlington Congregtional Church; prompt attendance to choir practice earned the punctual songster a gold star on his / her choral folder.… [read more]

I came across my “purpose statement essay” from my application to URI’s Graduate School of Business and thought it might be worth sharing.

For the record, I batted .333 that year.

To put it plainly, I am pursuing the Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) degree at URI for the power, the people, and the paper.

[read more]

I once saw a cartoon that showed a prototypical family gathered around the table for dinner. Dad is sitting at one end of the table, Mom at the other, and the kids along the sides. Dad is saying with a somber expression, “Well, due to unexpected market pressures, we’re going to have to let one of you go.”

You’ve probably heard of someone who got offered the “opportunity” to “reapply” for his own position.… [read more]

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