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You and Me

February 14th, 2012

Valentine’s Day, five years ago. I had written Becky a song for the occasion, but I didn’t have any way to record it. No microphone, no recording interface, no studio, no budget, and no time.

The song itself had turned out pretty well. Some fun stuff harmonically, and some solid lyrics drawn from some highly stressful interpersonal things we were undergoing at the time. I thought Becky would really like it, and I wanted to make it her Valentine’s Day gift. But I didn’t have anything better than the mic on my laptop to record it with.

Sooo…my good friend Jeff loaned me his lo-fi USB interface. I borrowed a crappy mike from someone. When recording vocals, professionals use a pop filter to keep all those ‘plosive plosives from filling the track with ugly PFF and TUH and SSS sounds. I didn’t have a pop filter, so I held…I’m not making this up…a piece of paper towel over the microphone as I sang.

Oh, and I didn’t have a studio, or any time, and I wanted it to be a surprise, so I did all of this in forty-five minutes in my brother’s bedroom at my mom’s house. A space the size of your average bathroom and with all the sonic qualities of one.

I was going for this sort of breathy¬†Elliott Smith¬†vibe, and I’m pretty sure I was unsuccessful. As a piece of recorded art, it’s rather dreadful. Nonetheless, Becky liked it, and that one line — “Taking them all on as one” — has become something of a rallying cry for us as we’ve weathered the trials of life together.

The song

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The lyrics

You and Me

[verse 1]

You and me, we go together like equality
Goes together with fraternity
And liberty, I quite agree,
Is found in keeping to you.

[verse 2]

You and me, we are battered by imagined woes
And a multitude of friendly foes
But unity, I quite agree,
Is taking them all as one.


[verse 3]

You and me, we are gathered in the grip of grace
Seeing mercy on the Father’s face
And empathy, I quite agree,
Is treating each other the same…

…is found in keeping to you.

…is taking them all on as one.

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